Wiring, Installation, Repair and More…

Are you thinking of adding a pool or a spa to your living space? Let the electricians of JC Vella Electric Inc in Springfield, PA help you with the connections and wiring. We have been providing excellent electrical services since 1975. We will also install ceiling fans and air circulation systems to make your terrace or patio a nice and relaxing space.

Our Electrical Services Include:

  • Air Conditioning Hookup

  • Generator Hookup
  • Appliance Installation and Wiring

  • Cable and Phone Jack Installation and Wiring

  • Code Violation Correction

  • Rewiring for Knob and Tube

  • Electric Equipment Repair and Service

  • Electrical Service Upgrade Service
  • Fuse Box and Circuit Breaker Upgrade Service

  • Indoor and Outdoor Electrical Wiring

  • Lighting Installation and Wiring

  • Residential and Commercial Electrical System Setup

  • Rewiring and Repair

  • TV Mounting and Setup

Remodels, Renovations and New Construction

From top to bottom, we provide electrical services for remodels, renovations and new construction projects. We will ensure that your project has the proper electrical wiring for lighting, ceiling fans, switches and appliances or upgrade your power sources with amp upgrades. We also install the aforementioned items including decorative and functional lighting. All of our electrical work adheres to code.

Home Entertainment and Office

You invest a lot of money and time into your home entertainment center, so make sure it is correctly installed and looks and sounds its best with the help of our electrical contractors. Let our professionals mount all your flat screen and projection TVs and video equipment, while hiding all those unsightly electrical wires. For your office, we do all the wiring for your computer cables, phone jacks, and sound systems.

Appliance Hookup and Wiring

Hooking up your appliances correctly is extremely important to ensure that they run properly at all times. When you buy new appliances or need the wiring on your existing ones repaired, our professionals take care of it for you.

Whether you need completely new wiring for your appliances or just some minor repairs, we offer electrical hookup and repair services for all household appliances, ceiling fans and HVAC systems. Additionally, we install and upgrade washers and dryers for electrical hookups. If you ever have a problem with any of your appliances because of an electrical issue, we offer emergency services.

Complete Outdoor Electrical Services

Transform your dark outdoor spaces into illuminated living areas. When you want to accentuate your outdoor entertainment and walking areas, we provide outdoor lighting services for your landscape.

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